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Florida Gas Transmission

Florida Gas Transmission Map

The Florida Gas Transmission pipeline is an open-access interstate pipeline system with a mainline capacity of 3.1 Bcf/d and approximately 5,325 miles of pipelines extending from south Texas through the Gulf Coast region of the United States to south Florida. The Florida Gas Transmission pipeline system receives natural gas from various onshore and offshore natural gas producing basins. FGT is the principal transporter of natural gas to the Florida energy market, delivering over 66% of the natural gas consumed in the state. In addition, Florida Gas Transmission’s pipeline system operates and maintains over 81 interconnects with major interstate and intrastate natural gas pipelines, which provide FGT’s customers access to diverse natural gas producing regions. FGT’s customers include electric utilities, independent power producers, industrials and local distribution companies.

FGT is a direct and wholly-owned subsidiary of Citrus, LLC (“Citrus”), a holding company formed in 1986. The capital stock of Citrus is owned 50 percent by El Paso Citrus Holdings, Inc. (‘‘EPCH’’), a wholly-owned indirect subsidiary of Kinder Morgan, Inc. (‘‘Kinder Morgan’’), and 50 percent by CrossCountry Citrus, LLC (“CCC”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of CrossCountry Energy, LLC (‘‘CrossCountry’’).

CrossCountry is a wholly-owned direct subsidiary of Energy Transfer Interstate Holdings, LLC (“ETIH”), ETIH is a wholly-owned direct subsidiary of Heritage ETC, L.P. (“Heritage”), Heritage is owned by limited partner, Energy Transfer, L.P. and general partner, Heritage ETC GP, L.L.C. Energy Transfer, LP is owned by limited partner, Energy Transfer Partners, L.P. (“ETP”), and general partner, SXL Acquisition Sub LLC. ETP is a publicly traded limited partnership, the general partner of which is wholly-owned by Energy Transfer Equity, L.P. (‘‘ETE’’) (ETP and ETE are collectively referred to as ‘‘Energy Transfer’’).