Turnpike-Palmetto Road Relocation Project


Construction and Operation

Safety is a priority during the construction and daily operations of the pipeline. All construction work will be supervised and inspected under stringent federal, state and company requirements.

The pipeline is designed and built to meet or exceed government safety requirements using specially formulated high-strength steel pipe, buried at least three feet underground.

The pipeline is coated with special protective materials to minimize corrosion.

The pipeline is inspected and pressure tested with water at higher than normal operating pressures before putting it into service.

After the pipeline is put into service, we continuously monitor operations from our gas control center, post signs to indicate the location of the pipeline and provide emergency contact information and regularly patrol the pipeline.

Environmental Protection

Florida Gas Transmission is committed to protecting sensitive areas and the environment and will work with all agencies to fully comply with the laws and regulations designed to protect threatened and endangered species and historically significant sites.

Our Safety Commitment

Florida Gas Transmission is committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety and enhancing public safety and environmental protection through increased public awareness and knowledge. Maintaining a safe pipeline requires your participation as well. This information is provided to help you identify our pipelines and know how to recognize and respond to a pipeline emergency.

More information can be found on the Safety & Environment website.