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OverviewOverview Video
Capacity ReleaseOffers, Bids & Awards Search
Create a New Recall
Create a New Reput
Create a New Offer: Pre-arranged Non-biddable
Create a New Offer: Pre-arranged Biddable
Create a New Offer: Biddable
Copy an Existing Offer
Post/Confirm Bid for Prearranged Non-Biddable Offer
Post/Confirm Bid for Prearranged Biddable Offer As Prearranged Bidder
Create/Post Bid for Biddable Offer
Prearranged Bidder Matching a Bid
Withdrawing & Re-Posting Bids
ContractsContracts/Amendment Summary Overview and External Executions
Point Realignment - Amendment
InvoicingHow to Retrieve Invoices
ReportingHow to Run and View Reports
NominationsCreating a Nomination
Editing An Existing Nomination
Nomination Reconciliation
Confirming a Nomination
Confirmation Summary Overview
Scheduled Quantity Matrix Overview
Scheduled Quantities Summary - By Contract
Scheduled Quantities Summary - By Location
Cycle Process Status Overview
Path Detective Overview
ImbalanceImbalance Trading