Date Requested: Jun 25 2024 7:22 AM

FGT Unsubscribed Capacity

TSP Name: Florida Gas Transmission (TSP: 006924518)

Capacity Documents

Explanation of Unsubscribed Capacity Status

FGT currently has capacity available from the Western Division supply area into the Market Area in the state of Florida which can be subscribed to firm service on an annual basis. Pockets of capacity (i.e., operational capacity) may also exist on laterals or on FGT’s mainline from time to time between certain points or during certain seasons. FGT shall separately post the availability of operational capacity from time to time when it has determined that such capacity is available.

Unsubscribed receipt point capacity may or may not be available for subscription depending upon downstream constraints on supply laterals or on FGT’s mainline. In addition, supplies available at a receipt point may be substantially less than meter capacity because of the pressure differentials existing from time to time at pipeline interconnects and/or lack of gas supply at interconnects with processing plants, gathering systems, or production wells.

Unsubscribed delivery point capacity may or may not be available for subscription depending upon upstream constraints on delivery lateral or on FGT’s mainline. The addition of Market Area delivery points as primary delivery points under a firm transportation agreement requires the written consent of the delivery point operator.

As a result of the telescoping nature of FGT’s mainline, and constraints on the mainline and on supply and delivery laterals, requests for incremental firm transportation capacity and for changes to primary receipt and delivery points must be processed on a case by case specific basis. Such requests should be submitted pursuant to the provisions contained in FGT’s FERC Gas Tariff, Third Revised Volume No. 1.